Generally, our fees are at $175 per hour. This would include:

  • Individual taxes, returns preparation and consultation
  • Corporate taxes,
  • LLC and Partnership taxes
  • Consultation on:
    • Accounting systems
    • Business valuations
    • Business strategies and planning
    • Financial planning
    • Estate planning
    • Estate and trust taxes
    • Tax audits for individuals, corporations and partnerships

Monthly accounting is negotiable. This can range from $125 per hour to $75 per hour, depending on the contract between this firm and the client. We will contract for a set fee per month, provided that the client sign a contract for a years service.


  • We expect to be paid when the project is completed.
  • We do work out payment schedules with clients who are only able to partially pay for the completed work.
  • If this extends for more that 30 days past the date of the completed work, we will charge a rate of interest of 1% per month.
  • If a client has partially funded a project, and more work is needed, then the pencil goes down until the prior work is paid.
  • In certain cases, we will expect a payment up front. This is put in our client account.
  • Funds are only withdrawn when we have earned those fees.
  • If the client has more in the account that our fees require, we will refund the balance.