Personal Returns

Having your personal income taxes prepared is like going to the dentist. It may happen once a year and it feels so much better when it is done.

My goal is to take the pain away from your taxes. How? By looking for every deduction for you. By seeking everyway to lessen your tax burden.

My charge to do this is at $175 per hour. Remember the old saying: you are paying me $5 per hour to push buttons, however, you are paying me $170 per hour to know which button to push.

Here is my offer: I can either do your income taxes for you and in this way you have a CPA sign your returns, or you can do your returns and I will be willing to check out the accuracy of the returns. My average cost to my client to prepare their return is $250. If I check out your return, it is at my hourly rate. I usually can check out a return in an hour or less.

In addition to the normal deductions the following are some of the deductions I have found that clients have omitted:

  • The cost of eyeglasses
  • Certain special shoes because of a foot problem
  • Mileage to and from doctors, dentists, hospitals etc.
  • Contributions: Mileage deduction when doing charitable work.
  • The cost of the cookies, cakes etc contributed to schools, churches etc.
  • Business deductions: Mileage going from one job to the next. In other words, you have two jobs, the mileage between those jobs is deductible.
  • The cost of entertaining customers, provided business was conducted either before, during &/or after the entertainment.
  • Those little items such as office supplies that you purchase with out of pocket cash.

Once you are a part of my business family, you are entitled to my advice during the year. I don’t charge for quick questions. (5 to 10 minutes) I do more tax planning during the year, which means you can reach me all year and not just during the tax season. Often the question is one of, “what more can I do”. I am willing to meet with my clients anywhere. I do find that my office conference room offers a quiet place to ask question, however, I have done telephone conferences.

One last item, should the need arise, I will represent you before the Internal Revenue Service and the Oregon Department of Revenue. I can also represent you in other states, however, I need to obtain permission to do so.