Hank Becker, CPA, providing corporate and personal tax preparation, planning and advice.
Corporate Returns and Accounting

Most of the questions and work that I do for corporations revolves around taxation. However, in the first meeting, I review the basics of the corporate formation and ask questions. More IRS, state and local tax audits are demanding that the companies have at the ready the corporate articles of incorporation, up to date minutes, proper capitalization, and documentation of any elections taken by the corporation.

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Monthly Accounting

One area of continual problems with small businesses is that of accounting. Here are some of the problems I have encountered with accounting:

Not utilizing an accounting system, whereby the owner uses the information to assist him/her in running the business.

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Personal Returns

Having your personal income taxes prepared is like going to the dentist. It may happen once a year and it feels so much better when it is done.

My goal is to take the pain away from your taxes. How? By looking for every deduction for you. By seeking everyway to lessen your tax burden.

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