Other Services

Defense of taxes

  • Do we act as advocates of individuals and corporations who are having problems with the Internal Revenue Service as well as state revenue departments? The answer is absolutely when it deals with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • When we have to deal with states, you will want to check with us.


  • We work with attorneys who have clients who are divorcing.
  • We will act as an expert witness.
  • In some cases, the businesses need to be valued. We can do business valuations. However, we concentrate on small businesses only.

Senior Issues

  • One of the organizations we are involved with is Seniors First Foundation. A not for profit handling aging and senior issues.
  • For seniors, we do taxes and tax planning.
  • We have experience in handling financial and bookkeeping problems for seniors. This entailed:
    • Reconciling bank accounts.
    • Making sure that bills were paid on a timely basis.
    • All of the activities were accomplished in the presence of a family member, other than the incapacitated family member.
    • In certain cases, we have worked with attorneys to set up family trusts for an incapacitated person.